Newsletter Mailing Kit

product_newsletterWant to Collect your customer contact information so that you can share your services with them in new and exciting ways? Well you need our Newsletter Kit. it will let you Collect, Manage, and Send Scheduled Messages to all of your customers.

With our  network, you can reach any customer,

  • Share Your New Deals with existing customers
  • Reach and maintain your customer base
  • Drive sales with scheduled mailings

This Product can be integrated into your existing Website or can be built as a stand alone landing page. just select the Pro Upgrade


Send out 1 message to all of your customers, Send out to 1000 Emails Per Hour.

email_sendThis feature can be integrated into your existing website or be a sand alone landing page.
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alarmWrite it today, Send it out when you want. Scheduled Mailing Times. Coordinate with a sale
Pre-sales Mailings | Weekly Coupon mailings | Ticket Booking Sale Emails


megaphone Get your Message out to your  Customers World