About 03Studios


O3studios… The Website Company.

We’re an L.A. based design studio, that offers online solutions to managing your website and other online properties while offering services that will all you to bring the benefits of online websites to your brick and mortar store with our Storefront. We’ll make sure your website does what you want it to do  and help you find the best way to use the latest technology available to get you the business attention your looking for..

03Studios was established in 1998, we focused on small design modifications for existing windows applications. We now focus on offering full service solutions for websites, in store digital displays, company branding, and other online based services.

What we do best

toolboxWe specialize in offering Website development and IT services to Small Businesses and Individuals that need to have a web presence to attract new business or show off their creations but don’t want to break the bank or waste time trying to setup a website. We offer an affordable, Pay as you go approach to building your website which starts with our  Flag Planter plan. We’ll build it, and hand over the keys and if you need help running your site or services we

With the experience that we have gained from being in business for all of these years we are able to walk you through getting your business online. With us, all you have to do is tell us what you want, provide any content you have for the website, make the down payment, and then seat back and relax while we get you online.

We will empower you to use the web as a low-cost and effective way to communicate with your audience,  Our affordable managed hosting service, we will also be around to handle website maintenance duties such as registration renewals, hosting renewals, WHOIS queries, hacking prevention and repairs, and small updates that you may need through out the year.

What we’ll do for you

We’ll design and build a custom website that helps fulfill your needs and budget. While doing this we will be able to offer you solutions for bringing your online message into your shop.

We’ll continue to support your website after it goes live with weekly security and performance audits, hosting your website on a secure server, and providing ongoing website assistance and strategic online strategies to help propel your business online.

Who we work with

  • Small & Local Business owners
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Schools and childcare programs
  • Artists and musicians
  • Clubs and groups


Thank you for visiting our site and if you have any questions about starting a website or other services that we offer please contact us as we would love to talk to you and if we cant help you we will definitely offer  recommendations on what the best path and who you should contact or search for to achieve what you are trying to do online.