Barter Policy

General Barter Policies

3d image, conceptual, exchange goodsWelcome to our barter policies page, here you will find all the details about our Direct Trade and Barter program and how it works. If you have any questions, Just ask! First, you need something that you can trade, this can pretty much be anything, However we only need certain things at the moment.

What Can I Get?
Well pretty much any service that we offer, minus any third party processing fees or hardware cost. You may also want to look at our Partnership opportunities for additional

Please contact us  for more details on how to get started bartering. Please read the FAQ section below for general details.


Q: Who can give Barter credit?

A: All Barter credit can only be approved and granted by 03studios management. At this time to apply for barter


Q: How can I get Barter credit?

A: To get started just fill out this simple form,


Q: How long does the Barter Plan last for?

A: The barter Period ends after 1 year, and renews yearly there after for longer plans, please look into our Partnership opportunities


Q: What if my Barter is not accepted?

A: This rarely happens, but when it does we can always find a budgeted solution which will work for you or find someone that can get you what you need.

Q: Is the Hosting fee covered by the Barter plan?

A: at this time no, we are working on a solution for this, contact us for details. In the mean time we’ll take care of things for the first year. it’s on us. after that you can continue your plan as is under the Barter Partner price. We can also arrange for your hosting to be provided at your own hosting provider with our Migration service.

Artwork Barter

Art_Barter_03studiosWe love Artwork and the things it brings to life, so that’s why we want to help get your art online. We reserve the right to not not accept all art, we do have a requirements which are

  1. Art pieces must first be accepted before it can be used for barter credit.
  2. We use a 3rd party partner to asset the value of the pieces submits.
  3. Once a value is agreed upon, it can then be used as credit for your services here with us.
  4. 1st year of managed hosting for free, you can then renew at the special price of $100 per year.
  5. When a trade is agreed upon  We will provide you with a Sign up code that will get you setup ready top start using your website to spread your Art to the world.

Ready to get started, just email us some of your artwork along with it’s.

* Hosting renewal fees are not eligible for the barter system.