Digital Displays

The Most Versatile and Effective Solution for Information Display

Clients of all backgrounds are using digital signage to better communicate and distribute important information:


  • The Most Versatile and Effective Solution for Information Display - Schools

    Schools: Digital signage offers a highly visible and easy-to-program way to count down the time during class period changes or lunch breaks. Remind students of school rules and upcoming deadlines. Provide quick study tips or vocabulary-boosting words of the day. Publicize school promotions and upcoming events, or rally the school behind its athletic teams. Announce last-minute schedule changes and manage information flow during school emergencies. With dynamic scheduling and remote networking capabilities, tailor the message by school area (Cafeteria, Hallways, Staff Lounge, etc.).

  • Libraries: Make finding books easier than ever before with a map of the library layout, while promote extras such as internet access, special events and book clubs, or research assistance. Publicize new book arrivals. Reach non-English speakers through visual and translated textual displays. Target your displays by library section to reach particular audiences (e.g., Children’s Books, Teen, Computers, Foreign Language).
  • Museums: Announce museum hours and ticket prices, list current and permanent exhibits, or display a floor plan that helps visitors get around. Provide context for your exhibits, bringing content to life with textual, visual and video informational displays within the exhibits themselves. Add value by promoting museum services such as the café and gift shop and museum memberships benefits. Target your displays to particular audiences by time (regular museum hours versus late-night social events in the museum) and location (cafeteria, ticket window, lobby, within particular exhibits).
  • Trade Shows and Conventions

    Trade Shows and Conventions: Announce dates, hours and prices for sales items. Remind attendees about registration requirements, parking validation, and facility and hotel amenities. Post a floor plan as well as a directory listing by vendor or content area with location. List workshops or speaking events, which highlighting last minute schedule changes with flashing notices or contrasting displays.

  • YOU: Simply figure out what you want to communicate to whom, when and where. Easy updates and impeccable display quality will insure that your needs are accommodated.


Visual Appeal, Instant Updating, and Tailored Messaging

Visual Appeal, Instant Updating, and Tailored Messaging

Our 1080p high-resolution technology and web-accessible content management software will allow you to make full use of our media players’ full-color text, graphics, animation and video capabilities. Use zone control to help better manage content and delegate responsibility for different displays to different members of your organization. Manage a wide-ranging system that can literally communicate multiple messages to many different audiences, all at the same time, depending on the needs of your business or organization. Whatever your mission, digital signage will help to make your messaging more efficient and more effective.