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 Update your Stores Communication with digital Signage,

Reduce Printing Cost!

StoreFront_2As more people eat out for lunch and dinner, restaurants with diverse functions and clientele are using digital signage to improve customer communications, upgrade menu displays, and create a livelier atmosphere for their patrons. Digital displays present a unique opportunity for restaurant owners to easily and effectively enhance their image, promote higher-end offerings, and entertain customers while they wait to be served.

  • Digital signage is ideal for displaying menus, daily specials, and nutrient/calorie information (increasingly required by law)
  • Post wine lists and other drink offerings
  • Earn revenue from advertising partners by displaying more ads in a smaller space and more appealing format
  • Save money by eliminating printing and design costs
  • Manage and update content easily – control multiple screens from one central unit


Digital Signage in Restaurants & Bars:

  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Vendor / Partner Advertising
  • Displaying Nutrient & Calorie information
  • Branding & Customer Entertainment

Between profits from enhanced ad revenue and savings from decreased paper use, digital signage systems show swift and strong Return on Investment ROI.


  • The cost of price and menu changes
  • The cost of expensive printing and shipping
  • Artwork and graphic design expenses


  • Awareness of upcoming deals or events
  • Opportunities to partner with other local businesses
  • Opportunities for more effective branding

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Increase sales

With StoreFront Digital Displays you can increase sales and improve the customer experience with dynamic and engaging messaging.

  • Increase average order value at the point of sale (POS) by displaying dynamic content to the customer at just the right time.
  • Automate content based on dayparts – i.e. “feature breakfast menus in the morning” – to lift average order value, up- and cross-sell.
  • Remotely control and instantly update in-restaurant messaging and promotions as well as automatically change your offering by location on an unlimited number of devices and screens in every store in the chain.
  • Instantly customize in-restaurant messaging with easy to use templates and content creation tools.
  • Increase customer frequency by using more effective, personalized messaging for promotions and specials.
  • Reduce personnel costs through the use of interactive kiosks and digital menu boards. Automate and accelerate the ordering process.
  • Interactive touchscreens can be used during off hours to streamline staff training and menu education.
  • Display promotional material combined with entertaining and dynamic content to enhance the impact and recall of your messaging while also delivering a more pleasurable guest experience.


What can be done with these screens?

Some great examples of what is to come in the digital signage future, Here are highlights from DES 2015


Store Display

K-12 Digital Menu-Boards and Nutritional portalA country-wide initiative of generating lunch program nutritional awareness across K-12 school districts. Leveraging a digital communication approach …





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Digital Signage Menu Board Features:

Primarily targeted to the Food & Hospitality industry, the 03studios MenuFront have stirred up a quite a bit of interest in the restaurant, cafe and deli industry. These menu systems allow:

  • Flexibility to manage and update menu items and prices from a central location, right on your Website, Anywhere you can reach your website, you can update your mnu from,
  • Display different menus at different times of the day – Schedule Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menu
  • Low-cost installation, Easy to use – Website interface built right into your New or Existing website.
  • Easily add specials, promotions and video showcases of your gourmet menu
  • Save the expense of printing and shipping static boards
  • Setup a front room, back room ordering system that ties in with your payment gateway. PayPal, GooglePay,



Full_HD_LOGOHarness the power of your Existing Screens by buying our DisplayFront Adapter  and use it to upgrade your screens and get your message out in Full High Definition, It’s time to upgradeyour videos screen so that you can managed all of them from your one website.



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