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Think of a Website, Like a House!

Most people find out fairly quickly that building a website is a lot more work then it first appears and that there are some things that you are told you need that you never knew even existed, it can be quite an overwhelming experience.

website-house-analogyI say  “Think of A Website like a House”. You see when you build a house you need blueprints and a contractor to build it, Just like a website needs a Layout Plan and a Web Developer to build it.

When you got the plans and team ready to start building you need to find a patch of land to build your house on just like you need to find a patch of online land to place your website on… this is called Hosting which just like land comes with a yearly fee.

Next you need to get your home it’s own address so that people can find it. This is the same as buying your website name or “Domain registration”. This registration is only the name of the website, it is not the website itself,… the files, the database, images. It just points to the patch of online land you have built your website on, that’s all.


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