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How to unHack and Secure WordPress website

How to fix a hacked wordpress website Follow these steps to fix your compromised/hacked site that may be mailing out spam with your name written all over it.

The majority of websites are hacked due to outdated software that is on the your website. Viruses are usually deployed by robots (bots) scanning the internet for specific outdated software which

    1. Scan your site with this http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/
      If it says your site is blacklisted, You will need to Visit the listed Blacklist Providers and submit a removal request with that individual blacklist provider.

    2. Install Wordfence, Scan your site
      Delete and strip out any code that shouldn’t be there. Don’t know what code shouldn’t be in there?… Hire a Web Developer (Website Handyman) or learn how to fix it Here
    3. Once your site is clean you will want to make sure your sites Reputation is not damaged by being blocked by big search networks as they will disable access to your site to protect visitors. You will need to can your site on RBL list providers like

If you are listed on any RBL list, just look for a link to be delisted, it’s usually listed as a form to fill out or a link to press, sometimes you have to fill out a really long form… just fill it out, there’s not really much your host can do other then fill these forms out for you if you have a really Great Host. they will sub Once you have checked your RBL listing status, you are pretty much set. If the



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